Employees of Dollar General can easily and conveniently access their paystubs with DG Paystub. User credentials, such as an email address and password, are required for existing dollar general employees to log in. You can access the dollar general pay stub by joining the DGME portal where new employees can enter their information, making it possible to view wage statements.

DG Paystub

Employee information can be accessed by current and former employers on the dgme paystub site. 401k or W2 details, or any other private details, can be updated here, such as address or contact information. Additionally, employees are encouraged to store their information on the site safely and securely, which can be accessed easily for future reference. Personal smartphones are a good option for storing sensitive information.

This information can be used by employees to determine whether the correct deductions have been made and if their net salary has been calculated correctly. W2 and paystubs can be accessed quickly using DGME Paystubs. Paystubs from Dollar General are accessed using your dollar general employee ID. It consists of eight digits. The W2 access code is made up of the last four digits of your social security number and then your year of birth.

Different Services To know About

Your Dollar General dashboard appears after logging in, and it contains the following information:

  1. Direct deposit
  2. Travel and expenses
  3. W-2
  4. W-4. money

Employee Service

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Updating personal data
  • Dollar General Literacy Foundation
  • Employee Assistance Foundation


  • Advantages of the registration system
  • Online training – wellness program
  • Voya Financial 401(k)
  • BCBST medical plan
  • Income Tax Form 1095-C

DG Paystub-Customer


  • Get familiar with the management system.
  • Application number
  • Performance management system
  • Internal careers portal

Dollar General employees have access to more than just a payroll system through DGme. Also available on the platform are viewing documents and guidelines, getting feedback, taking training (aka CBL), submitting suggestions, changing addresses, reviewing 401ks, and viewing and verifying work schedules. Let’s work together. If you need to contact HR, you can network with your colleagues.