Frequently Asked Questions

DGme Payroll is an online tool that allows Dollar General employees to view their salaries, taxes, insurance and other monetary details. This tool helps new and existing GD employees to obtain their salary slips. The DGme Payroll is useful for meeting the needs of the DG’s large workforce located in 11,500 diversity companies across the United States.

DG Paystub

For those unfamiliar,DG Paystub is an online employee portal operated by Dollar General where employees can view, among other things, their payslips, benefits, direct deposit information, and any required tax documents for the year. More on this below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look for jobs available at Dollar General?

Use this page to search for vacancies in the Retail, Fleet, Distribution Center and Corporate departments.

Can I apply for different vacancies? Will I take an assessment for each position I applied for?

There are different positions available to you. For each position you apply for, you’ll also have to complete an assessment.

Can a DG employee apply for another position?

Yes, you can apply for another position listed on the Careers page.

What should I do to track the status of my request?

After completing the registration and evaluation form, you will receive an email confirmation. The HR team will contact you directly if your qualifications match the advertised position.

What is the general payment in dollars?

This is an official login page / portal. This is where users can access and manage their Dollar General payroll accounts and other details. In addition, employees can view their work schedules, benefits, payroll information, and more. Additionally, users can make updates or changes to their accounts and post the latest updates to their dashboards.

How accurate is the information provided by Shop For Tool?

At least 95% of all the information we share here is correct. Therefore, the remaining 5% can be the result of manual analysis of port details.